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Plus, we're donating at least 50% of our proceeds to the relief efforts in Guatemala due to the Volcan de Fuego eruption on June 3rd.
BONUS: Get access to the content workflow Trello board we use for ourselves and our clients!
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Why Guatemala?
On Sunday, June 3rd, one of Guatemala's many volcanoes, Volcan de Fuego, erupted. This is not an unusual occurrence, but this was the most significant eruption in several decades. The eruption has resulted in over 100 deaths, with 200 people still missing, thousands and evacuated from their homes, and millions impacted.

Both Naomi & Esther have traveled multiple times to Guatemala, and they care deeply for the people there. Recovery from this major natural disaster is sure to be an extensive process. 
Meet your instructors:
Esther Littlefield is the CEO of Morningstar Media Services, and she's also been a blogger for over 10 years. Esther loves helping streamline their content production, get seen online, and grow their email lists.

Naomi Figueroa is the Content Specialist at Morningstar, and she also writes at Roaming the Americas. Naomi has several blog posts that rank on Google and is a researcher extraordinaire. 
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