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Learn how to EMBRACE YOUR GIFTS and LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE, even if you don't feel qualified.
  • ​You know you have the potential to lead, but you keep doubting yourself and your abilities.
  • You wish you had the confidence to speak up, step forward, and make bold decisions.
  • You know you want to lead, but you’re not sure who you’re leading or where you’re taking them.
  • ​You want to own your expertise, your gifts, and your strengths, but you end up feeling like you’re being prideful when you do.
Maybe you're not even sure you are a leader...
and even if you are, you're not sure if you're worthy of the role.
You want to use your voice... 
But you're concerned you'll end up saying something you regret or you'll come across as "bossy". And often, you have second doubts and don't say anything at all.
You're not really sure how to figure out what your gifts or how to use them...
You've taken a few tests and read a few books, but you still can't seem to figure out what all of it means or whether you have what it takes to become a confident leader.
Let's face it. You're already busy juggling lots of responsibilities as a woman... 
So how are you supposed to figure out how to become a confident leader? I get it. I've been there, and I had no idea how to step into this role of "leader."
Once I began to understand the true meaning and source of confidence...

I was able begin leading without fear of what other people thought...

and now I love helping other women do the same!
I learned that in order for my life to point others to Jesus, I needed to fully embrace who God has made me to be, instead of shying away from it.
All of my life, I was thrown into leadership roles. But I never considered myself a leader until much more recently.
For some reason, even though I had God-given gifts, skills, and passions, I was convinced that I had to hold them back.

I didn't want to come across as prideful or arrogant, so instead I tried to minimize the things that made me different.
But when I began taking small steps, using some of the gifts God had given me, I starting seeing the fruit and impact it could have.
And I started to realize that I was actually a leader. But I still had the problem of confidence. How could I lead with confidence... without constantly worrying what other people were going to think?

That's when God showed me, through His word, what confidence is really about. (Hint: it's not about me, or you!)
Imagine the impact you could have on others if you fully EMBRACED THE LOVE God has for you, HOW HE HAS WIRED YOU, and the PEOPLE He has called you to lead.
Embracing your gifts and leading with confidence will help you to...
  • Communicate clearly
  • Point others towards Christ
  • Impact your family
  • Experience fulfillment
  • Mentor other women
  • Build your team
  • ​Be more effective in your career
  • ​Inspire others
And here's the good news.
You don't have to spend years wondering what your next steps are.
You don't have to spend money on every self-help book that is out there to learn about confidence... 
And you don't have to keep holding back or shying away from leadership
You're able to fully walk in the purposes God has given you.
Instead of constantly wondering whether you are using your time wisely, you'll be able to have clarity around what's most important. And you'll be able to make sure your calendar reflects those priorities.
Instead of trying to hide the things that make you unique or conform to other people's expectations, you can embrace your unique wiring. As a confident leader, you can use these gifts and skills to bring glory to God and impact others.
As a confident leader, you can start to identify exactly who you are currently leading, as well as look for additional opportunities that God may show you. You will start to recognize the impact you have in your everyday life.
Once you begin embracing your gifts, you'll be more equipped to make the impact you desire and leave a Kingdom legacy
A membership community for the Christian woman who wants to become a confident leader, gain accountability to take your next steps, and enjoy ongoing connection with like-minded women.
The Confident Leader Club will:
  • ​​Guide you on the path towards becoming a Confident Leader, no matter where you are at currently
  • ​Provide you with a safe place to connect with other women who understand how lonely your role can be
  • ​Provide accountability towards reaching your goals and implementing your habits
  • ​Help you learn purposeful strategies to implement as a leader
you'll also:
  • Receive practical trainings that will help you love, live, and lead more effectively. 
  •  Learn how to use tools such as Trello, Google Calendar, and more to help you reach goals and implement ideas
  •  Have the option to participate in occasional book club discussions
  •  Receive feedback on ministry, business, or workplace leadership decisions or questions you have.
The club includes:
Learn (and implement) the steps needed to become a confident leader. I'll walk you through key steps so that you can begin leading with confidence.
A Library of Video and Audio Trainings
The trainings cover areas such as Goals & Planning, Relationships, Identity & Purpose, Wellness, Business, and Ministry. Previous trainings are available in the content area to watch or listen to anytime.
Leadership Support Calls
These calls are intended to allow you to share the highs and lows of leadership with other people who get it. Plus, we spend some time sharing prayer requests and praying for one another!
Take Action Calls
These calls give you the accountability to actually move forward on your goals and plans. These calls are 90 minute video calls where we will share what we are going to work on and then actually get to work. At the end, we report back what we've accomplished!
Plus you'll get...
  • Access to all the PDF downloads we create in ONE convenient place.
  • ​A private Facebook group where you can develop deeper relationships with the other members.
  • Discounts on additional trainings or resources that I create.
  • Bonus content, such as live Q&As with me or bonus clips from the podcast that are reserved exclusively for the Confident Leader Club members!
The Confident Leader Club will help you embrace your gifts and lead with confidence.
And it's only open for a limited time.
Join by Monday, Sept. 30th at 8pm Eastern in order to get the lowest rate and join our live discussions through the Confident Leader Path!
Plus, get this bonus! I'll be providing a guide for you based on your stage of confident leadership so that you know which trainings and resources are best for you to take advantage of within the Club.
okay, this sounds great esther... but what's it gonna cost?
I get it. So here's what the Confident Leader Club is worth, and how much you'll pay:
  • ​Confident Leader Path trainings - value $97
  • ​Content Library with over several video & audio trainings - value over $300
  • Monthly Leadership Support Calls - value $17
  • Monthly Take Action Calls - value $17
  • All PDF downloads - value $47
  •  Private FB group - value $37
  • Additional resources and opportunities - value $17
  • Connections and relationships with other leaders - invaluable
Total value over $500/month
Your investment in yourself: $15/month
Or join for a year and get 2 months free!
Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level within a community of like-minded women?
The Confident Leader Club is open for a limited time. Join us now and become a confident leader!
BONUS: Join for 1 year and get a FREE #confidentleader sticker!
NOTE: The price for Confident Leader Club WILL be going up the next time we open. This is the best time to jump in before the doors are closed and prices increase.
What others are saying about the Confident Leader Club...

Jacque Garner, The Pastor Wife Life

I have been following Esther Littlefield for years and when she first shared about the Confident Leader Club, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. 

The Confident Leader Club takes a holistic approach to leadership by providing support, teaching, and encouragement for EVERY area of life. Like me, Esther is a pastor’s wife with a desire to minister to other women. 

Through the Club, she guides us into leading well no matter what our platform. I have found inspiration to keep going in the hard moments and practical ways to walk out the calling that God has given me. 

The community aspect of the Club reminds me that I am not alone in my fears and struggles and the other women bring so much encouragement and advice to the table. 

The Confident Leader Club has been a great investment for me and I look forward to growing deeper in my leadership skills with Esther!

Elizabeth Cook, Elizabeth Cook Communications

The Confident Leader Club encourages me to develop skills and grow in my leadership role. 

I've always been more comfortable as a follower, which was fine when my children were young and relatively compliant. Now that I have three teenagers, I realize they desperately need me to step into the role of a confident leader. I find myself working to develop new skills so that I can perform well in the most important role I will ever have as a leader. 

I appreciate having this group for support on the journey. From teachings on goal setting, wellness habits and book talks, the resources shared nudge me forward. 
When does the Confident Leader Club start and finish?
The Confident Leader Club is a membership community that began in January 2019 and opens a few times per year for enrollment. 
How long do I have access to the Club?
Once you join, you have access to all materials and the private community for as long as you are a member.
What if I am unhappy with the club or want to opt-out?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If the Confident Leader Club is not the right fit, you may cancel at any time.
Who should join the club?
Any woman who is committed to growing as a leader and as a person. This is a community geared towards Christian women who are leading in ministry or business, however, you may join even if that does not describe you precisely. This is a club specifically for women.
Do you have another question that I haven't answered here? Send me an email and I'll get back to you!
Hi friend, I'm Esther Littlefield, host of the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast and writer at EstherLittlefield.com. It's my passion to help you embrace your God-given gifts, skills, and passions in order to lead with confidence.

I absolutely love hosting the podcast and free Facebook community along with my co-host Holly Cain, but I wanted to offer something more. Something that would allow us to connect on a deeper level, and a way for you to receive more "hands-on" training and interaction.

That's why I created the Confident Leader Club, and I would be honored if you joined us!

Got questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below, and if you don't see an answer, shoot me an email.
What if you said "yes" to investing in yourself?
The Confident Leader Club will give you the community, the resources, and the accountability you need to embrace your gifts and lead with confidence.
$150/year plus get the bonus FREE sticker!
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